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Podiatry medical billing services

Podiatry Medical Billing Services

Smooth billing solutions for consistent practice growth!

WeCare offers innovative podiatry billing solutions to accelerate your revenue cycle and enhance profits swiftly.

Podiatry Billing Services that Get Results

Podiatry billing and coding can be intricate, especially with non-reimbursable services, like Medicare. Our specialized podiatry medical billing company eases this complexity, ensuring swift payments. We leave no claim unaddressed, maximizing reimbursements and minimizing denials. Our team stays current with the latest coding and billing guidelines for enhanced reimbursements. Why wait?


Frustrated with Inconsistent Insurance Policies?

We recognize the frustration when insurance companies cut their payouts and patients face shifting coverage each year. The good news for medical practices is that by outsourcing your revenue cycle management (RCM) services to us, you gain a team of experts who proactively handle payer changes, sparing you the burden of keeping up with them.

Coding Fails to Distinguish Medically Necessary from Routine

Payers often exclude coverage for routine foot care, but in podiatry, the necessity of treatment can vary from one individual to another. This variability underscores the importance of outsourcing podiatry medical billing services to a professional company with relevant experience. We excel in accurate medical billing for podiatrists, ensuring you receive maximum reimbursements for your services.

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Inconsistent Use of Modifiers by Payers

Modifiers, which are subcategories of CPT codes, provide crucial details about a diagnosis or treatment, often influencing coverage determinations. In podiatry billing and coding, insurers have varying rules for modifiers, necessitating coders who are well-versed in each company’s guidelines. Submitting accurate codes is vital for timely payments, and our professional podiatry coders assist with precisely that. Our medical billing services contribute to efficient practice management, allowing you to focus on streamlining patient care.

Insurers Bundling Procedures Inappropriately

Payers often bundle procedures to simplify billing and payment, but this approach can lead to inaccurate billing, under- or over-coding. For podiatry medical billing companies, it’s crucial to comprehend the procedures in detail, enabling them to identify instances where bundling is incorrect. Additionally, they need to be well-versed in entering data accurately and managing appeals when insurers’ inappropriate requirements result in non-payment. This expertise ensures that billing remains precise and that practices receive rightful compensation.


Running a Practice Demands Your Attention

We fully grasp the frustration caused by non-compensating payers, which can significantly affect your revenue. Our medical billing services for podiatrists are designed to ensure that you receive proper payment for your services. By entrusting the intricate challenges of podiatry billing to us, you can concentrate on what truly matters – your patients' health. Outsourcing podiatric medical billing services has proven to be the ideal solution for numerous practices seeking efficient and accurate billing.


We Take Care of Charting, Coding and Much More

As a podiatry medical billing company, our specialists engage from patient scheduling to day-to-day coding and claims submission. We also handle denial and rejection management, compliance charting and coding, annual payer adjustments, payback, and bill collection. Our clients speak highly of the revenue increase they've experienced with our podiatry billing services. Our aim is for our services to be an investment in your ongoing success, rather than just an expense. Request a free demo today, and let us demonstrate how we can handle billing for you, ultimately boosting your revenue.

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