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Who we are?

WeCare is a Revenue Management Billing and Credentialing Company!

Established in 2012, WeCare is a leading medical billing company. Experienced in healthcare revenue cycle management services, IT and billing. we provide efficient services for medical claims billing, AR recovery, and practice management.

WeCare ensure timely preparation of the claims and expedite the overall process for practices, physicians, doctors & hospitals to get maximum remunerates in least possible time.

Trusted by close to a million healthcare practitioners nationwide.

We care is experienced in revenue cycle management services ensure timely preparation of the claims and expedite the overall process for practices, physicians, doctors & hospitals to get maximum reimbursements in least possible time.

WeCare Billing LLC Revenue Management, Billing, and Credentialing Company

What make us different

WeCare Medical Billing Company team with over 40 experienced specialists.

Medical Billing

Experienced in over 40 specialties

WeCare Medical Billing Comprehensive Practice Management

Practice Management

Supporting all phases of the revenue cycle

WeCare Billing LLC - Innovative and Up-to-Date Software

Innovative Software

Widely used and always up to date

Why Choose Us?

We’re Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Experts

At WeCare, we don’t just offer medical billing services; we redefine them. Our commitment is to deliver solutions that exceed typical standards, tailored to fit organizations of any size. Whether it’s personalized insurance & patient billing, healthcare recovery support, or holistic practice management, we stand as a beacon of trust in the industry.

Our state-of-the-art medical software streamlines practice management and enhances patient engagement. Proudly trusted by over 48,000 healthcare facilities across the nation, WeCare is the embodiment of innovative healthcare solutions.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We are quite delighted with our decision to collaborate with WeCare for revenue cycle management services.

Dr. Jacqueline Hirk

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist INC

WeCare’s service has exceeded my expectations. Billing reports are delivered to me on time.

Dr. Santana Sparber

Keys Gate Wellness and Associates, LLC

WeCare does an excellent job for us, as evidenced by consistently high collections and A/R outcomes.

Dr. Jennifer Allen

IVORY Rose Counsling Centre INC

WeCare Medical Billing Company conducting medical auditing and reporting.

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Benefits of Working with WeCare Billing LLC

Decrease Costs:

Outsource your medical billing to WeCare and save significantly. WeCare charges only a minor percentage of your collections.

Increase Revenue:

WeCare promptly submits your claims accurately, reducing rejections due to inefficient billing.

Get Paid Faster:

We offer efficient electronic medical billing and ERA processing for faster claim submissions.

WeCare Medical Billing Services team at work.

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WeCare Revenue Cycle Management and Billing Services

Don’t see your specialty?

No Worries, Click on below button to schedule a demo with our certified medical billing experts so they can assist you.

Team of doctors standing together, symbolizing collaboration and expertise.

Fully HIPAA Compliant

Our business prioritizes the security of medical information. To guarantee the highest standards, we partner with one of the nation’s leading IT security firms, continuously updating our encryption and data protection protocols.

Top 10 Medical Billing Companies

Trust Your Billing To The Company That Ranks

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Clean claim ratio

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1st submission pass rate

Up to 0 %

Revenue Increase

Nationwide Availability

As a leading medical billing services company in the USA, WeCare helps providers achieve financial success. Our American workforce possesses the payer expertise necessary to maximize billing claims reimbursement across all 50 states.

Professional team working on medical billing services in a modern office in the USA.

Affordable Pricing

Save on in-house billing costs with our affordable 2.99% collections rate and pay-for-paid model. Enjoy benefits such as free EMR software, scalability, and complimentary denied claims appeals. Outsource to us for optimized billing and take advantage of these additional perks:

In-House Billing Costs
*calculations based on a medium-scale practice with $100,000 collections
Annual Salary $30,000
Overheads $20,000
Total $50,000
WeCare Full Service Medical Billing Costs
*calculations based on a medium-scale practice with $100,000 collections
Billing Service Rates as low as 2.99% of the collections
Total $2,490
Annual Savings with WeCare

Number Speaks

Satisfied Provider
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Clean Claim Rate
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