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Urology Medical Billing Services

Urology Billing Services

Optimize your urology practice's revenue and workflow with our medical billing and revenue cycle management services.

WeCare boosts your urology revenue through efficient claim handling, denial processing, and old AR follow-ups, covering everything from payer verification to collections.

Why Should You Outsource Urology Medical Billing?

You’re absolutely correct. When a team from one hospital performs surgery, the billing is often done as a unit and is more straightforward. However, when surgeons from different institutions or practices come together for a procedure, the billing process becomes more complex. Medical billers must have the expertise to carefully code the services provided by each surgeon and ensure there is no appearance of duplicate or redundant billing. This requires a deep understanding of the rules and regulations governing surgical billing and the ability to coordinate billing among multiple providers involved in the procedure.

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Urology Medical Billing Services Eliminate Costly Errors

In order to stay solvent as a business, it is important to get paid for all the services you perform. That means you have to ensure that in-house coders and billers understand all the procedures you do and the variables that can apply to each one. The correct use of modifiers in coding is also critical in these complex situations. Even the smallest error can result in a claim rejection or denial, which essentially starts the coding and billing process all over for each claim that isn’t accepted.

Simple Omissions Result in Denied Claims

When a claim is submitted for a procedure that has been performed, it is not unusual for an insurer to deny payment. Often when this happens, it is due to a simple coding error. It could be that everything about the diagnosis was correct and the appropriate procedure was performed, but one code or modifier is missing. A common example is the omission of coding for the tests that document medical necessity. Even if the rest of the information makes it clear that it was necessary, the coding requirements must be followed, literally, to the letter or the claim will be denied.


Under-coding and Over-coding Are Legal Liabilities

Failing to include all the necessary subcategory coding and modifiers for accurate service billing can lead to under-coding, resulting in revenue loss. This not only poses billing inefficiencies but can also have legal implications. Under-coding should be avoided, even when trying to save patients money, as it’s important to bill for services accurately. On the other hand, over-coding, or billing for services not performed, is also illegal and can occur inadvertently due to incorrect code entry. It’s crucial to maintain accuracy and compliance in medical coding and billing processes to avoid financial and legal issues.

Rarely Used Codes Are Often Forgotten

Medical billers who deal with the same codes frequently become well-acquainted with them, but highly specialized procedures that are not performed regularly may be less familiar and more prone to coding errors. Having an experienced team focused on urology billing helps ensure that the details are kept fresh in mind, reducing the likelihood of errors and inaccuracies in the billing process.


We are a Full-Service RCM and Urology Billing Company

WeCare offers comprehensive urology billing services designed to identify and address potential compliance, regulatory, and reporting issues proactively. Additionally, our old-account receivable (AR) management services are highly successful at getting long-pending claims paid, even if they are up to a year old. We provide all the essential services to ensure the profitability and smooth operation of your urology practice.


Our Innovative Software Makes Coding and Billing Efficient

WeCare's proprietary software, built on over a decade of real-world billing experience, has been designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing software or replace it with minimal downtime. This ensures a smooth transition and eliminates concerns about lost claims or delayed revenue during the process.

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