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Hepatology Billing Services

WeCare’s Hepatology Medical Billing Services

An increasing number of physicians are expressing dissatisfaction with the significant amount of paperwork that forms a substantial part of their jobs. This paperwork not only generates stress but also deprives patients of the time and attention they deserve. Medical billing for hepatology is a complex process that demands a significant amount of time to manage the extensive paperwork. However, it is a crucial aspect of practice success as it directly impacts the compensation received for services provided to patients.

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Doctors Can Have an Optimized Revenue Stream

WeCare offers comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) services, allowing primary care physicians to access optimized hepatology billing services without the need to handle them internally. Our team consists of certified billers and coders with experience in their respective fields. Outsourcing gastroenterology hepatology billing and coding services to us results in fewer claim denials and rejections, leading to significantly increased revenue.

Multiple Physicians Involved in the Diagnosis and Treatment Process

The details of what kind of physician and what kind of medical facility must be specified in the coding for a claim, but it must also specify what level of diagnosis was done, whether there has been a previous diagnosis, etc. By the time a patient is seen by a hepatologist, there is likely to be a trail of examinations beginning with the family doctor. Each of these must be correctly coded, or the payer is likely to deny the claim as a duplication.

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Highly Specialized Diagnoses and Treatments

Within the field of gastroenterology hepatology, even common conditions have numerous specific details that must be included in the coding, which may not be familiar to inexperienced medical billers. Moreover, it is uncommon for patients undergoing treatment not to exhibit related symptoms in other organs or body systems, and hepatology billing and coding must accurately indicate when this occurs. Engaging professional hepatology medical coding services can mean the difference between receiving full compensation and losing revenue due to overlooked details.

Bundled codes

In an effort to streamline medical billing and reduce their costs, payers have bundled the expected items for certain procedures into a single code. This can simplify billing, but it requires that the bundle code precisely matches what was done. Often, additional steps or substitutions are necessary, and these must be correctly coded to ensure proper compensation. The coding must also indicate why these additional steps were required to avoid the appearance of duplicate charges. Billing separately for items in a bundle is not permissible, as it may lead to over-billing, which is legally considered “fraud.” Hepatology billing companies understand these complexities and assist providers in addressing these challenges.


Let WeCare’s Experts Increase Your Revenue and Give You Back Your Time


Coding And Submission Of Claims

The revenue cycle management (RCM) process encompasses more than just coding and submitting claims; it begins with obtaining payer approval when the appointment is scheduled. Once the patient has been treated, claims are submitted, and any issues are resolved. Additionally, there may be a portion of the bill for which the patient is responsible. WeCare offers comprehensive RCM services and allows you to outsource all or only specific aspects that you choose. Our hepatology billing services are fully customizable to meet your specific needs.


We Can Increase Your Income

Our clients consistently share that entrusting us to handle their claims results in reduced stress and increased income, enabling their practices to thrive and become more enjoyable. Contact us today to request a free demo and allow us to demonstrate how our hepatology medical billing experts can alleviate you and your staff from the administrative burdens of billing, enabling you to refocus on patient care.

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