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WeCare delivers tailored hospital billing solutions for your healthcare needs.

We offer hospital revenue cycle management, AR recovery, EHR/EMR technologies, practice management, and patient engagement solutions. Tailored to your needs, contact us to discover how we can benefit your business.


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April 1st 2018

Healthcare administrator managing prior and retro authorization processes in an office setting.

Review Period

2 Months


Collection Increased

$0.8M to $1.2M

increase revenue

Revenue Increased by


Reducing Administrative Burden, Boosting Revenue

Looking for a one-stop hospital billing company? We offer comprehensive billing and revenue cycle management services. Our team manages claims from start to finish, eliminating the need for an in-house billing department. From credentialing and insurance verification to collections, our system simplifies processes and maximizes your revenue.


Stop Losing Income Due to Billing Errors

Inefficient billing systems cause billions in revenue loss annually due to easily avoidable errors. Most denied claims, requiring reprocessing, are often overlooked by in-house staff preoccupied with other tasks. With rising costs and staff shortages, precise charge entry and appropriate billing codes become pivotal.

WeCare offers up-to-date, compliant billing solutions. Our team delivers custom-tailored hospital billing services, ensuring error-free claims and optimized recovery. Recognizing that every hospital has unique needs, we provide exactly what’s essential without burdening you with unnecessary services. Contact us to align our offerings with your priorities.

You Can Have Less Work AND More Income

In the realm of hospital billing, even minor errors lead to claim rejections, consuming resources with every reprocessing. In-house medical billing escalates overheads with each repeated claim submission, eroding profits. Often, medical professionals are sidetracked by billing errors, diverting them from patient care and adding undue administrative stress. With our services, you pay a consistent fee regardless of whether the claim is cleared initially or after appeals. Our dedicated team, exclusively handling claims, ensures efficiency without added charges for additional efforts.

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Why Choose Us?

Dedicated to your success, WeCare provides a holistic approach to hospital billing and collections. We not only train our staff continuously on billing codes and payer procedures but also harness the latest in medical billing technology. Our rigorous internal quality checks ensure claims are accurate and the billing process is error-free from the outset.

Our services span from pre-admission procedures, coding, AR management, collections, follow-ups, to in-depth real-time reporting. Hospitals partnering with us witness lower operational costs, higher reimbursements, enhanced collection ratios, and AR account recoveries up to a year old. Overlooked claims and underpayments can dent your revenue, shifting focus away from patient care. We aim to prevent that.

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