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Experience the unparalleled excellence of our Revenue Cycle Management services.

Discover the unmatched quality of our the best Revenue Cycle Management offerings. With a stellar reputation and a history of producing exceptional outcomes, our business has gained the respect and admiration of hundreds of happy customers. Learn about the main benefits of working with us: improved cash flow, optimized revenue generation, and simplified billing procedures. Unlock the potential for financial progress by adding yourself to our expanding list of success stories. Reach out to us right now to advance your revenue cycle management!

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Leading Medical Billing Experts Since 2012

Established in 2012, WeCare is a leading medical billing company. With over a decade of experience in healthcare IT and billing, we provide efficient services for medical claims billing, AR recovery, and practice management. Trusted by close to a million healthcare practitioners nationwide.

What Makes Us Different?

> 94%

First Pass Clean Claims Rate


Satisfied Provider


Dedicated team


Serving Specialties

upto 30%

Reduction in A/R


Boost your Revenue



At WeCare, we understand the individuality of each client’s needs. Our mission is to deliver exceptional, customized support that nurtures the growth of thriving healthcare practices and robust revenue management systems.


Our vision is to elevate the industry benchmark by introducing pioneering solutions that empower our clients to attain unparalleled success and efficiency.


WeCare Revenue Cycle Management and Billing Services


At WeCare, our core values shine through our unwavering commitment to provide the pinnacle of efficiency in medical billing and revenue cycle management.


Our certified specialists at WeCare are experts in medical claims billing, continually updated on the latest regulations and technologies through rigorous training.


At WeCare, we prioritize innovation and technology to navigate the dynamic billing and coding landscape. With cutting-edge technologies and top healthcare IT experts, we offer unmatched billing services and practice management.


At WeCare, our management champions creativity and curiosity. History has shown that progress stems from challenging the status quo; thus, we're deeply committed to innovation and ingenuity.

WeCare provides top-tier billing services to boost your revenue and profitability, streamlining reimbursement processes. If financial concerns distract from patient care, consider a revamp of your medical billing approach with us.

What our Clients say about our services

Our revenue has surged by 35%, our first-through pass rates are outstanding, and we now have full visibility throughout the entire process.

Dr. Maria Ochoa

I'm incredibly grateful to WeCare for rectifying the mistakes made by my previous billing partner. Their speed and efficiency are remarkable.

Dr. Hashmi
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