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WeCare Medical Billing Services: Return & Refund Policy

At WeCare Medical Billing Services, we work to provide exceptional customer service and straightforward communication regarding invoicing issues. This policy specifies how we handle returned statements, patient check returns, and refunds.

Returned Statements:

  • WeCare Billing Services will mail patient billing statements on your behalf.
  • In the event that a statement is returned to us as undeliverable after three (3) consecutive attempts, we will notify you, the healthcare provider.
  • You are responsible for any postage and handling costs associated with returned statements.

Patient Check Returns:

  • If a patient’s cheque is returned by the bank due to insufficient funds (NSF), the patient is solely responsible for all associated fees, including:
    • Returned check fee charged by the bank.
    • Any additional postage or shipping charges incurred.
  • WeCare Billing Services will attempt to contact the patient on your behalf to obtain a valid credit or debit card for payment processing.
  • We will send a maximum of three (3) statements notifying the patient of the NSF check. Unresolved accounts after three attempts will be returned to you for further action.


  • WeCare Billing Services processes patient payments but does not issue refunds directly.
  • You, the healthcare provider, are solely responsible for issuing any refunds to patients or insurance companies, including any associated postage costs.
  • Upon notification of a required refund, WeCare Billing Services will update our internal financial records and billing systems to reflect the refunded amount. This ensures accurate commission and fee calculations.

Additional Information:

  • To ensure a smooth patient experience, WeCare Billing Services recommends providing a dedicated phone number or email address for patients to directly address billing inquiries with your practice.
  • Offering online payment options can improve patient convenience and expedite collections.
  • WeCare Billing Services can assist you in creating clear and concise patient billing statements to minimize confusion and facilitate timely payments.

We are committed to providing accurate and efficient medical billing services, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care. Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us info@wcmedbill.com

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