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Wound Care Is Complex For Several Reasons

Outpatient wound care coding can be complex due to various factors, one of which is the potential for treatment to occur in different types of facilities for a single patient. For instance, a hospital patient may be discharged and continue wound care at an outpatient center. Each encounter must be billed accurately, including the specific code details that indicate the location where the care was provided. This level of detail and accuracy is essential to ensure proper reimbursement and compliance with coding guidelines.


Rising Cost And Budget Cuts

In the current financial climate, where costs are increasing and budgets are under pressure, effective medical billing is crucial to ensure that all claims are accurately reimbursed. Many practices that do not have specialized professionals managing their coding and billing processes may be losing substantial amounts of revenue due to errors, denials, or inefficiencies in the billing process.

Rising Costs And Lowered Reimbursements

Wound care supplies, including expensive products like cellular and tissue-based products for skin wounds, are essential for patient care, but decreasing reimbursements make it even more crucial to ensure that every service delivered is accurately coded and billed. This helps prevent lost revenue due to claim rejections and denials, ensuring that healthcare providers are properly compensated for the wound care services and supplies they provide.

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Outsourcing Medical Billing to WeCare Protects Your Revenue


Outsourcing Medical Billing

WeCare is dedicated to medical revenue cycle management (RCM). Billing is our most popular service, but we offer a customized suite of services to our clients that includes our proprietary software to make sure all your claims are filed with the most up-to-date codes. We can manage payer credentialing, compliance reviews, annual payer adjustments and payback, and much more.


Dedicated To Medical RCM

WeCare specializes in medical revenue cycle management (RCM), offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the specific needs of your practice. While billing is a popular service, you also benefit from our proprietary software, ensuring your claims are filed with the latest codes. Additionally, our services encompass payer credentialing, compliance reviews, annual payer adjustments, payback, and various other offerings to support your practice's financial efficiency and success.

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