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Traumatology Medical Billing Services

Traumatology Billing Services

WeCare Manages Traumatology Billing Services

In addition to making sure your claims are correct before they are submitted, we have leading traumatology medical billing services providers who can quickly identify and correct issues causing denials and get them resolved. The medical billing process starts with patient scheduling and continues through all dealings with patients up to collect unpaid bills. We are here to support you for every step that you would like, but our services are customizable, so you can choose exactly what you need.

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Save Your Energy For Patient Care

Indeed, while some healthcare professionals might choose to handle billing and coding in-house, many find the advantages of outsourcing these services to be highly beneficial. Traumatologists, like other medical specialists, often prefer to allocate more of their time and energy to patient care rather than dealing with the complexities of billing and coding. Outsourcing to specialized traumatology billing services not only helps them focus on their core responsibilities but also leads to more claims being paid promptly and efficiently, ultimately improving their financial performance.

Complicated Procedure Billing

You’re absolutely right. Traumatology surgeries often involve a wide range of procedures, and each case can be unique. Proper coding and detailed documentation are crucial to ensure that every service is accurately represented in claims. Traumatology billing services need to be well-versed in the specific surgical practices employed, ensuring that all necessary information and notations are included to meet payer requirements. The comprehensive and accurate coding of these diverse procedures is essential to prevent claim denials and ensure that surgeons are appropriately compensated for their services.

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Global Surgery Packages

You’re absolutely correct. Global surgery packages simplify the billing process by bundling pre-operative and post-operative care along with the surgical procedure. However, there are various global packages, each with different periods of care, and the specifics can vary depending on the surgical procedure. It’s crucial for medical coders and billers to have in-depth training and experience in surgery to ensure that every aspect of the surgical procedure and any additional services are accurately documented and coded.

Multiple Doctors Billing For One Surgery

Medical billers must have the expertise to carefully code the services provided by each surgeon and ensure there is no appearance of duplicate or redundant billing. This requires a deep understanding of the rules and regulations governing surgical billing and the ability to coordinate billing among multiple providers involved in the procedure


Submit Correct Claim

Your services sound comprehensive and highly adaptable to meet the specific needs of traumatology practices. Ensuring that claims are correct and swiftly addressing and resolving denials are crucial aspects of revenue cycle management, and your ability to support practices throughout the patient lifecycle is a valuable resource. Customizability allows practices to choose the services that align with their specific requirements and operational preferences. This approach can greatly benefit traumatology practices by optimizing their revenue management while providing them with the flexibility to focus on patient care.

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