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Rheumatology medical billing services

Rheumatology Billing Services

WeCare’s Rheumatology Billing Services

Medical billing is inherently complex, and rheumatology practices face similar challenges to those in other fields. Outsourcing revenue cycle management (RCM), which includes rheumatology medical billing and coding, has proven to be a valuable strategy for increasing income and improving physician job satisfaction in this specialty. By entrusting RCM to professionals, rheumatologists can streamline their administrative processes, reduce billing errors, and maximize revenue, allowing them to focus more on patient care and less on the intricacies of billing and coding.


Paperwork Takes Up To 20% Of A Doctor’s Time

The substantial paperwork and administrative tasks in medical practice can consume up to 20% of a physician’s time, often leading to frustration and a loss of motivation to continue practicing. HIPAA compliance is essential, but it is not a barrier to outsourcing, especially with professional rheumatology billing companies like WeCare. Such companies ensure that all their employees are well-trained in privacy and security protocols to safeguard patient information and your practice, allowing rheumatologists to focus on patient care and entrust the administrative burdens to experts without compromising on privacy or security.

Code and Insurer’s Policies Changing All The Time

Codes changing annually and insurers frequently updating their policies create a dynamic and challenging environment for medical staff to stay on top of billing and coding while providing patient care. Outsourcing rheumatology medical billing to professionals who specialize in revenue cycle management (RCM) allows medical professionals to prioritize their medical expertise and patient care. This way, billing experts can efficiently manage the complexities of billing and coding, ensuring accurate claims submission and reimbursement, and keeping up with the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

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A large Number Of Geriatric Patients

Rheumatologists treat patients of various ages, with rheumatism and arthritis becoming more common in old age. Many senior patients are covered by Medicare, a program known for its strict claims processing and negotiation of lower reimbursement rates. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that every service provided is accurately billed to maximize revenue. Experienced coders and billers are essential in this context, as they can efficiently submit every claim correctly and swiftly address any rejections or denials, ensuring that the practice is properly reimbursed for the services rendered.

Detailed Coding Requirements

Rheumatology is a specialized field that often requires specific details related to the location in the body and which side is affected for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Coding and billing in this field can be highly intricate, and inexperienced coders and billers may struggle to correctly document and submit claims. Expertise in rheumatology billing is crucial not only for identifying errors in claims but also for recognizing missing information that should be included to prevent rejections and denials. Experienced and knowledgeable coders and billers play a pivotal role in optimizing the revenue cycle for rheumatology practices.

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We Can Swiftly Resolve Any Rejections

WeCare, a leading rheumatology medical billing company, stands out with its billers who are not only trained in rheumatology billing services but also have valuable experience. Their expertise enables them to submit clean claims efficiently and resolve rejections and denials promptly. The company's innovative approach to medical revenue cycle management (RCM) includes proprietary software to ensure that the most up-to-date codes are utilized, streamlining the billing process and maximizing revenue for rheumatology practices.


You Get Exactly What You Need

Many conditions diagnosed and treated by rheumatologists must be specified by the location in the body and which side of the body is involved. This level of detail can result in a lot of claims being rejected if coders and billers aren’t experienced in the field. It takes expertise to not only be able to note an error in what is present but also to recognize what isn’t present that should be.

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