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Psychology medical billing services

Psychology Billing Services

We manage the complexities of constantly evolving codes for you.

WeCare offers psychotherapy billing services, aligning with your aim to streamline your practice, boost cash flow, and ensure full session compensation.

We Allows Psychologists To Focus On Patient Care

Psychology indeed presents a distinct practice within the field of medicine, but it is not exempt from the challenges of medical billing and coding. WeCare provides comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) for psychologists, encompassing claims processing and managing rejections and denials. As a psychology billing company, we significantly alleviate administrative burdens, enabling psychologists to prioritize patient care without the added administrative stress.


RCM Can Be Entirely Outsourced To One Provider

Outsourcing the entire revenue cycle management (RCM) process to one provider may indeed come as a surprise, but WeCare‘s innovative software and comprehensive management process handles it seamlessly from the moment patients are scheduled until payments are collected and beyond. Our psychotherapy billing services can initiate even before you see patients by managing insurance credentialing. We also manage annual payer adjustments and payback, ensuring a seamless and efficient billing process for your psychology practice.

Complicated Rules for Coverage

Healthcare policies often vary in their coverage of mental health care, with some excluding it altogether and others offering a wide range of policies. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that Marketplace plans include mental health and substance use disorder services, but it does not specify the specific coverage details. While mental health care is more widely covered than in the past, the rules for therapy may even vary from state to state within the same insurer. As a psychology billing company, we stay updated with the complex and ever-changing rules to ensure accurate billing and reimbursement for your psychology practice.

Billing specialists processing invoices for patient medical bills in an office setting.

Efficient Mental Health Billing

Efficient mental health medical billing can be a rare service that not only makes your professional life easier but also pays for itself. By outsourcing to WeCare, you gain more time to focus on patient care, reducing the stress associated with administrative billing tasks. Furthermore, through efficient claims filing and prompt management of denied or rejected claims, you'll increase your revenue, as potential losses due to errors and missed deadlines are minimized. This ultimately results in a more successful and financially rewarding practice.


We Have Certified Billers On Staff

It is rare for a service that makes your life easier and your business more successful to pay for itself right away, but efficient mental health medical billing does just that. By outsourcing to WeCare, you will have more time available to dedicate to seeing patients and less stress over administrative tasks associated with billing; and thanks to efficient claims filing and swift management of denied or rejected claims, you will make more money because revenue won’t be lost to errors and missed deadlines.

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