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Psychiatric medical billing services

Psychiatric Billing Services

Focus on your patients while we handle the mental health billing paperwork.

For over a decade, WeCare has delivered comprehensive psychiatry billing, maximizing collections so you can prioritize patient care. Let our experienced team manage your billing, reducing your admin load.

Billing Services Tailored for Your Specialization

Psychiatry is indeed a highly specialized field of medical care, and precise psychiatric billing services are essential. WeCare offers comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM), which includes claims processing and managing rejections and denials. This approach significantly reduces administrative burdens and enables psychiatrists and medical staff to concentrate on patient care. Outsourcing RCM and associated administrative tasks, such as payer credentialing and compliance reviews, has proven to be a successful solution for practitioners and medical institutions nationwide. Our behavioral health billing solutions ensure smooth reimbursement from payers without complications.

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Complex Coding

The field of psychiatry entails a wide range of codes for similar services, often necessitating different CPT codes to indicate whether an evaluation was conducted by a medical or non-medical provider. This complexity can make it challenging for inexperienced coders to accurately complete claim forms, given the multitude of details to remember.

Additionally, add-on codes are prevalent and required but can only be used in conjunction with a primary code. Psychiatry medical billing experts must be well-versed in these codes to ensure that both primary and add-on codes are correctly submitted, as the absence of either can lead to claim denials. It underscores the importance of skilled and knowledgeable billing experts in the field of psychiatry.

Referrals are Usually Required

Patients typically require a referral from a general practitioner to see a psychiatrist. It is crucial to ensure that the referral has been properly filed with the payer prior to the patient’s appointment. Medical offices often aim to simplify the process for patients by referring them to specialists within the same insurer’s network to ensure coverage. Therefore, psychiatrists need to be credentialed with as many insurers as possible in addition to government payers to expand their coverage options and provide accessible care to a broader range of patients.

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Complicated Rules for Coverage

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that all plans offered in the Health Insurance Marketplace include mental health and substance use disorder services. However, it doesn’t specify the details of what must be covered, resulting in significant variations in coverage among plans. Even within the same carrier, policies may differ from state to state.

Medicare provides mental health care coverage under separate parts: Part A for hospital insurance, Part B for Medical insurance, and Part D for prescription drug coverage. Given that patients may be enrolled in various options for each part and may have supplemental insurance, offering behavioral health billing services is indeed complex and requires specialized training and experience. Professional billing companies are well-versed in these variations, ensuring claims are filed correctly and accurately for maximum reimbursement.

Seamless Billing, Happy Patients: Optimize Your Practice with Our Billing Services

Psychiatry plays a crucial role in serving a high-need population, which can be demanding for medical staff and doctors. Adding administrative stress on top of this doesn’t make sense when it can be easily avoided. Outsourcing revenue cycle management to WeCare provides much-needed relief, allowing medical professionals to focus on patient care while leaving the administrative tasks to experts who can efficiently manage billing and administrative processes.


Certified Coders and Billers Manage Your Claims

Our certified and experienced coders and billers specialize in providing psychiatry billing services. They have the knowledge and expertise to proactively identify issues and promptly address claims-related challenges. By eliminating the lost staff time spent on appealing claims and successfully obtaining payment for denied and rejected claims, we save you money that more than covers the small percentage of collections representing our fee. Our services not only streamline the billing process but also enhance revenue for your practice.


Outsource Your RCM To WeCare

WeCare offers customizable outsourcing of various mental health billing services tailored to your specific needs. Our comprehensive billing services for mental health providers encompass all aspects of revenue cycle management. We continuously update our proprietary software with new coding to keep your billing practices current, allowing you to concentrate on patient care without administrative hassles. Contact us today to explore how we can optimize your revenue management and streamline your billing processes.

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