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Physical therapy medical billing services

Physical Therapy Billing Services

Physical therapy billing ensuring the reimbursement you rightfully earn!

WeCare handles your physical therapy billing from precise coding to quick reimbursement, letting you focus on core tasks without billing worries.

Why Choose WeCare for Physical Therapy Billing?

As a physical therapy billing company, we have a deep understanding of the intricate reimbursement challenges that come with physical therapy services. Payers often have stringent requirements for billing, including documentation standards, treatment duration limits, pre-authorization procedures, and more. These criteria can pose reimbursement difficulties for physical therapists. At WeCare, we stay current with payer policies and guidelines to ensure our clients receive proper compensation for their efforts. We employ state-of-the-art physical therapy medical billing software to file precise claims promptly. By outsourcing your medical billing services to us, you can experience a significant improvement in the efficiency of your billing and collections processes.

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Simplifying Compliance for Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists typically administer treatments prescribed by a doctor, and they may not have the flexibility to alter treatments to align with an insurance company’s preferences. This rigidity can sometimes lead to conflicts between healthcare providers and insurance companies. Our medical billing company plays a crucial role in assisting physiotherapists by ensuring they document their services and treatments in a manner that meets the insurance company’s criteria, helping to reduce disagreements and streamline the billing process.

Scheduling Problems

For physiotherapists who rely on referrals, it’s common to receive patients from offices that may not be in the same insurer’s network. The medical billing and coding process starts from the moment an appointment is scheduled and insurance coverage is verified. Without the aid of up-to-date software and certified coders, managing this complexity can be extremely challenging and often leads to improper coding. We’ve developed cutting-edge physical therapy medical billing software that equips our coders and billers with the necessary information to effectively handle these scenarios. If you require assistance with billing for your physical therapy services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Claim Denials

Claims can be denied or rejected for minor errors or when payers dispute whether treatment is covered by their policy. In such cases, the claim is automatically rejected or denied, putting the onus on the provider to rectify the coding to accurately convey the services provided for proper reimbursement. Our physical therapy billing services are designed to minimize the likelihood of claim denials and enhance profitability for providers, ensuring a smoother and more efficient billing process.

Coding Errors

Coding errors, often stemming from the complexity of specialized codes and modifiers in physical therapy, are a common cause of claim denials in such practices. Physical therapy has a multitude of variables, each necessitating appropriate coding modifiers. Therefore, it is crucial for practitioners to collaborate with coders and billers who possess expertise in the specific coding requirements for physical therapy. Partnering with physical therapy billing companies enables therapists to proactively prevent CPT coding errors and streamline their revenue cycle management for improved efficiency and revenue optimization.

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Innovation And Efficiency

Outsourcing medical billing services entails enlisting the expertise of external professionals to manage billing-related tasks. This relieves practitioners and clinic staff from administrative work, enabling them to concentrate on patient care. WeCare's certified specialists bring the requisite experience to prevent upcoding and downcoding errors. Additionally, we handle charting and coding compliance, annual payer adjustments, and bill collection, thereby ensuring the completion of the revenue cycle while maintaining billing accuracy and efficiency.


Certified And Experienced in Physical Therapy

WeCare offers outstanding billing services for physical therapy. Our physical therapy medical billing software is equipped to handle annual code changes and evolving rules and billing practices. With expertise across various medical fields, including certified and experienced billing and coding specialists in PT, we can efficiently address any issues that may arise. If you're in search of seasoned coding and billing experts to support your physical therapy practice, WeCare is the name to trust.

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