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Pediatric medical billing services

Pediatric Medical Billing Services

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How WeCare Can Help in Pediatric Billing Services

Pediatric offices require their staff to be highly attentive to patients, making outsourcing pediatric billing services particularly advantageous. Dealing with children comes with unique challenges, including the presence of siblings and the need for extra precautions due to their vulnerability to contagious diseases. Maintaining short wait times and ensuring the in-office staff’s focus on patient care are vital, which is why outsourcing billing services can be a valuable solution.

Pediatric Injection

Managing Seasonal Services

Pediatrics demands a higher frequency of vaccinations than any other medical specialization, underscoring the importance of precise pediatric billing codes for accurate record-keeping. Ensuring proper tracking of administered vaccines, distinguishing between those required for school, recommended for health purposes, and facilitating parental awareness are all vital services provided by pediatric practices.

Compliance with Government Requirements for Offers and Incentives

The U.S. government places a higher emphasis on ensuring that children and youth receive adequate medical care compared to adults. As a result, there are more available and recommended programs specifically tailored to pediatric populations. However, it can be exceptionally challenging for busy office staff to stay updated and ensure compliance with all the requirements needed to document participation, ultimately securing the appropriate reimbursement the office deserves from these programs.


Age Documentation Changes at Age 18

As young patients transition into adulthood, they may continue to see their pediatrician through high school. This means that coding and billing staff need to be vigilant about changes in CPT codes when a patient turns 18, even if no other aspects of the patient’s life have changed. Accurate coding and billing are crucial during this transition period to ensure proper reimbursement and continuity of care.

Handling Denials and Rejections

Payers often reject claims for even the smallest errors or inconsistencies in patient information. Given that families frequently relocate and change pediatricians, maintaining up-to-date patient charts can be challenging, but any discrepancies can lead to claim rejections. Outsourcing claim management to a dedicated team of certified specialists is the most effective approach, allowing medical professionals to concentrate on patient care while ensuring the practice is properly compensated for the services provided.

Medical Counter

Outsource Pediatric Medical Billing

Outsourcing your pediatric billing revenue cycle management to WeCare ensures that your revenue is expertly managed by a team of certified specialists who can fully concentrate on this vital aspect of your business. This, in turn, allows you to dedicate your attention to patient care. With experience spanning over 40 specializations, including pediatric medicine, we have skilled billers who understand the nuances of the field and are adept at identifying potential errors and areas where issues may arise.


Claims Submission

Our staff, armed with knowledge of coverage, procedures performed in conjunction, and bundled billing charges, can meticulously review and "scrub" claims before submission. This process guarantees that only error-free claims are forwarded to payers. In cases where challenges arise, our team is well-equipped to promptly resolve them, ensuring a smoother and more efficient billing process.

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