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Pathology Billing Services

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You Need To Have In-Depth Knowledge

Pathology practices, groups, and labs face distinctive billing challenges. To effectively process and recover claims, billers and coders must possess extensive knowledge of pathology sub-specialties and stay current with billing guidelines and updates related to CPT codes for pathology services. Given the rising scrutiny and stricter regulations in laboratory billing practice management, it’s crucial for clinical pathology labs to enforce rigorous compliance procedures in alignment with evolving laws and regulations.

AR Recovery Services

Merit-Based Incentive Payment System

An even more formidable challenge than federal and commercial guidelines is the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). MIPS influences Medicare payments based on scores in four performance categories: Quality, Cost, Improvement Activities (IA), and Promoting Interoperability (PI). To avoid payment reductions in 2019 and secure the highest incentive, pathology labs must report on six Quality measures and potentially two IA measures.

It is critical to manage Documentation And Reporting

The future revenue cycle management of your lab hinges on precise documentation and accurate reporting. Adapting front-office and back-office procedures is essential to maximize reimbursement from all payers. With many insurance companies narrowing their provider networks, pathology labs are often considered out-of-network providers. Furthermore, health insurers are imposing stricter benefit limitations, making it increasingly challenging to secure payments from both insurers and patients. While coverage may be beyond your control, you can proactively prevent denied claims and collection accounts by verifying eligibility before delivering services.


Successful Medical Claims & Increasing Reimbursement

WeCare provides comprehensive pathology billing services that identify and address potential compliance, regulatory, and reporting issues before they occur to keep your lab profitable and less operational costs. We do aggressive claims follow up and effectively collect on old A/R accounts to recover lost revenue, and we submit accurate, timely claims for consistent revenue streams and cash flow. Our certified medical billing professionals have specialized expertise in pathology medical billing services which results in a shortened reimbursement cycle and maximized profitability.


We Keep Your Lab Profitable

WeCare offers comprehensive pathology billing services that proactively identify and resolve potential compliance, regulatory, and reporting issues, ensuring your lab remains profitable while minimizing operational costs. We conduct rigorous follow-ups on claims and efficiently recover revenue from old A/R accounts. Additionally, we submit accurate and timely claims to maintain a consistent revenue stream and cash flow. With our certified medical billing professionals specialized in pathology billing, you can benefit from a shortened reimbursement cycle and enhanced profitability.

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