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Molecular Laboratory Billing

Efficient Solutions for Seamless Billing

WeCare offers expert molecular medical billing services, ensuring regulatory compliance and revenue maximization. Our refined billing process is now a model of efficiency.

Molecular Labs Have Unique Requirements

Success in the realm of molecular lab billing requires not only a deep understanding of billing codes but also expertise in the intricate details that must be included in claims. Additionally, experience in working with insurers is invaluable. When a claim is denied or rejected, an effective appeal becomes crucial, and having a biller who knows precisely how to establish medical necessity with insurers significantly enhances the likelihood of successful reimbursement. This intersection of evolving medical science, billing codes, and insurer dynamics makes it imperative to have skilled professionals managing the billing process in the field of genetic testing.

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We Ensure Accurate Claims Submission

WeCare offers highly specialized molecular, genetic, and diagnostic laboratory billing services designed to ensure that claims are meticulously coded and submitted promptly, accompanied by all the necessary supporting documentation. Our team of certified medical billing specialists possesses extensive expertise in the field, and they consistently stay informed about the latest updates to CPT codes. This specialized knowledge and experience enable us to submit accurate claims from the outset, leading to increased collections on accounts receivable (A/R).

The constant changes in the field necessitate regular updates to CPT codes, making it a challenging task for in-house billers to keep up with these ongoing revisions. Moreover, the intricacies of genetic testing coding can vary significantly, with instances where a single code can apply to multiple genes, while in other cases, the specific gene isn’t specified, requiring the use of an unlisted code.

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