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Internal Medicine Billing Services

Internal Medicine Billing Services & Revenue Cycle Management

An internal medicine billing practice frequently serves both general and family medicine patients, which can lead to one of the highest patient turnover rates in any given week. As a result, a wide range of patients with various medical needs and conditions visit the practice, leading to continuous billing and coding challenges. While the office may not often perform complex procedures, there are typically numerous minor procedures, prescription-related tasks, and a diverse array of diagnoses that necessitate accurate coding and billing procedures.


Losses due to medical billing and coding errors

The field of internal medicine faces significant challenges in its billing services and revenue cycle, primarily due to the impact of medical billing and coding errors. This is compounded by the fact that internal medicine is relatively low-paying compared to other medical specialties. Additionally, insurers frequently reduce the allowable billing amounts for many common services provided to general medicine patients. These factors converge to create substantial financial difficulties within the internal medicine sector.

Front-office Challenges

The multitude of both routine and non-routine activities that occur on a regular basis necessitates increased staff time for scheduling, rescheduling, and annual scheduling processes.


Government Offerings and Incentives

Internal medicine practitioners serve a diverse patient population and often serve as the initial point of contact for diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. Consequently, there are numerous government incentives and offers available to their offices. Staying informed about coding updates becomes crucial, but it can be challenging for busy office staff to keep up with these evolving regulations and incentives.

Seasonal Services

In addition to their regular duties, office staff and coders must also manage essential seasonal items such as routine vaccines and annual flu shots.


WeCare Manages the Entire Internal Medicine Revenue Cycle


Our proprietary software has been designed to make coding efficient

We are fortunate to have certified coders who possess specialized expertise in the field, and we've developed our proprietary software to streamline the coding process, enhancing efficiency and minimizing errors. However, one of the most significant cost factors in internal medicine billing revenue cycle management for providers is dealing with rejections and denials. Each rejection or denial often entails hours of unraveling, correcting, resubmitting, and potentially necessitates further follow-up. WeCare's proficiency in this particular aspect of the process is a key reason why our clients report that our services not only cover their expenses but also yield a profit. The amount we recover and the time saved significantly outweigh the nominal percentage of collections we charge for our services.

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