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Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease Billing and Coding Services

Given the wide spectrum of medical conditions treated in infectious disease practices and the various settings in which they operate, ranging from small independent practices to large hospitals, the need for specific medical coding can be quite challenging to navigate. As a result, it becomes increasingly apparent that running an infectious disease practice effectively necessitates the use of specialized and professional infectious disease billing and coding services.


Outsource Your Medical Billing

Entrusting such a substantial responsibility to an external firm might initially seem daunting, yet numerous medical practices have come to realize that outsourcing infectious disease medical billing services is precisely the solution they need to effectively manage the ever-evolving medical codes and to engage with payers in a way that ensures appropriate compensation for the services provided by the practice.

Front Office Scheduling Challenges

In the infectious disease billing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process, it all begins with scheduling, which includes verifying the insurer’s coverage and allowable charges. WeCare employs cutting-edge software that ensures your office stays current with the latest code updates and the specific policies of different payers.


Staying Informed about Government Incentives and Programs

The management of infectious diseases is an area of medicine that receives significant governmental attention, especially when it comes to the swift implementation of vaccinations and treatment protocols during epidemics. Physicians already have their hands full with patient care, so the additional burden of navigating billing and coding for every new development can be an overwhelming distraction. This is precisely why outsourcing to a dedicated infectious disease medical billing company proves to be an effective solution.

Managing Denial And Rejection Of Claims

Claims can face rejection due to minor clerical errors, and they are even more likely to be denied if the coding is inaccurate or doesn’t align with the payer’s requirements. Over-coding and under-coding issues can arise when office staff is not well-versed in the intricacies of recent changes or the unique bundling practices of each payer. WeCare‘s certified billing specialists are well-trained in the latest coding practices and possess the experience to identify common errors. This ensures that necessary corrections are made, and clean claims are submitted for approval.


WeCare Increases Incomes with Effective Revenue Cycle Management


From Scheduling To Bill Collection

Our infectious disease billing services encompass a comprehensive range of coding and billing requirements, spanning from scheduling to bill collection. Our approach is characterized by innovation to ensure that the coding and billing process runs seamlessly and efficiently. We meticulously review and "scrub" claims to guarantee their acceptance, and in cases where denials do occur, our certified specialists promptly address and resolve the issues. This not only saves your office staff valuable time but also significantly reduces the risk of lost revenue due to exceeding time limits for claim submissions.


Charting And Coding

WeCare offers a range of supplementary services, including charting and coding review, payment posting, ongoing payer credentialing, and comprehensive coverage of the annual payer adjustments and payback procedures. This ensures that you can concentrate on patient care, with the assurance that your revenue is being optimized by seasoned experts who manage the billing process. To explore how we can simplify and enhance your coding and billing operations, request a free demo today.

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