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Immunology Billing Services

Our team is adept at intricate billing and coding for immunology providers. Seeking to cut overhead, boost collections, and raise revenue? We’re here to help.

Allergy and Immunology Medical Billing Services

Medical billing is complicated regardless of the field you are in, but allergy and immunology medical billing services must deal with some details that are more involved than most specialties. That’s why outsourcing billing and coding to professionals who are dedicated only to the revenue cycle management (RCM) aspect of medicine has become a popular solution.

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Paperwork Became Such A Drain

Thousands of doctors have chosen early retirement or switched from private practice to large institutions due to the overwhelming burden of medical billing paperwork on their resources, making it impractical to sustain their businesses. WeCare is pleased to offer the solution and help our clients boost their revenue.

Rising Costs And Reduced Reimbursement

Immunology and allergy are both areas where payers have cut their costs by reducing reimbursement amounts, but physicians are dealing with rising costs for their supplies and medications. Narrow profit margins make it especially important for every service to be reimbursed, which requires error-free claims.

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Differing Insurer Coverage

Every insurer has its unique policies regarding coverage and reimbursement rates, and Medicare operates under a distinct set of rules compared to private insurers. This complexity creates challenges for medical office staff when it comes to accurate billing, as there is a multitude of variables to consider. Furthermore, reimbursement rates vary for different services such as allergy testing, injections, and the differentiation between build-up and maintenance dosages. Consequently, billers must possess a thorough understanding of these distinctions and be skilled in accurately coding for each scenario.

Time Consuming Treatment And Follow-up

Immunology and allergy treatments frequently necessitate same-day follow-up visits with the physician. These instances demand meticulous coding with modifiers to clearly indicate this requirement, as failure to do so may lead insurers to interpret it as a duplicate bill and only reimburse for one visit. While most items on a claim are assigned a fixed time frame for reimbursement, treatments like rush immunotherapy and drug desensitization may be billed on an hourly basis. Awareness of this exception and the ability to accurately document it are typically skills possessed by experienced billers.

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You Can Trust WeCare to Increase Revenue with Effective RCM


Certified Medical Coders and Billers

We possess a comprehensive understanding of the revenue cycle, covering every stage from inception to completion, and we're committed to tailoring our services to your specific needs. Our certified medical billers are well-versed in HIPAA best practices, ensuring the utmost security of your patients' data. What's more, their expertise extends to allergy and immunology billing, enabling them to identify and rectify any potential issues to ensure claims are complete and accurate. Our innovative approach incorporates proprietary software to ensure that the most up-to-date codes are readily available and that the entire billing process operates seamlessly. Beyond medical billing, we also offer services such as payer credentialing, annual reconciliation, collections, compliance reviews, and much more. Take advantage of our free demo today, and we'll be delighted to demonstrate how we can enhance your financial performance and enable you to refocus on providing exceptional patient care.

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