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Gynecology Billing Services

WeCare’s Gynecology Billing Services

While gynecology may be a relatively straightforward field of medicine with care falling into a few categories, it doesn’t mean that medical billing and coding aren’t complex. Medical billing is challenging across all fields of medicine and often contributes to physician dissatisfaction. Therefore, outsourcing has become a common practice and has been shown to provide significant relief to medical office staff while also increasing revenue.


Take Care Of Your Patients & We Will Manage Your Billing

Revenue cycle management (RCM) begins with the initial patient contact. This encompasses confirming payer coverage when patients call to make an appointment. Subsequently, during the patient’s visit, a coder is responsible for documenting the examination and diagnosis, as well as any treatment provided. Medical billers ensure that the coding is accurate and that all required information is included in the claim before submission. In the event of rejection or denial issues, the medical biller takes the necessary steps to resolve the claim.

WeCare Handles The RCM Process

Having these responsibilities taken care of is a significant relief for a physician managing a practice, but these are just the fundamental services provided by a comprehensive medical billing company. WeCare manages the complete RCM process, which includes everything mentioned above as well as bill collection from patients, annual adjustments, compliance reviews, and additional services.

Healthcare administrator managing denial management processes in an office setting.

High Numbers Of Claims

Women in good health should have annual visits to their gynecologist, and those with medical concerns will require even more frequent visits. This high patient volume results in a substantial number of claims being submitted daily, which can increase the risk of some claims being overlooked. Additionally, in a busy medical office with hundreds of claims to manage, denied claims are more likely to be ignored.

Covered and not covered visits/procedures

Gynecologists perform a variety of procedures, some of which may or may not be covered by insurers, with birth control being a common example. It’s crucial to carefully check each patient’s coverage because even if birth control is covered, there might be specific conditions to meet or restrictions on the forms that are included in the coverage.


WeCare’s Innovative Approach Strengthens Your RCM


We Have An Incredibly High Success Rate

We have an exceptionally high success rate in alleviating our clients' medical billing stress and boosting their revenue. The modest fee for our services is easily outweighed by the increased revenue generated from having professionals handle your claims.


We Keeps Up To Date With Latest Code Changes

We offer proprietary software that ensures everything stays current with the latest code changes. Additionally, we handle annual payback and are available for credentialing, compliance reviews, and more. Schedule a free demo today to experience firsthand how we can help your practice thrive.

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