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Geriatrics Billing Services

Geriatrics Billing Services by WeCare

Geriatrics is a demanding field, and medical practitioners need to concentrate on patient care without being burdened by concerns about medical billing and other aspects of revenue cycle management (RCM). WeCare is a dedicated professional company committed to providing top-tier medical RCM services, encompassing billing and coding. Our clients not only benefit from increased revenue but also experience higher job satisfaction.


Predominance of Medicare patients

Medicare is particularly stringent in its claim filing requirements, and the government program negotiates for the lowest possible rates. This underscores the importance of ensuring that every delivered service is properly compensated.

Variable insurer and payer plans

Medicare offers numerous options, and the choices can vary from state to state. Patients may have multiple Part B program options with varying benefits. They also decide whether to obtain prescription drug coverage. Alternatively, they may opt for a “Part C” plan, such as an HMO or PPO. Each of these options comes with distinct rules regarding coverage, making the system quite complex for both patients and medical staff.


Chronic care management

Geriatric patients often have a higher prevalence of chronic conditions compared to younger demographics. Managing chronic conditions necessitates more extensive care, and due to the ongoing nature of these treatments, billing and coding must be meticulously handled to prevent rejections that may seem like duplicate bills.

Improve Patient Care and Increase Revenue by Outsourcing RCM to WeCare


We provide customized services

WeCare provides comprehensive RCM services, all tailored to the unique needs of each client. We strongly recommend, at the very least, outsourcing medical billing. The substantial annual revenue losses resulting from claim issues can be significantly reduced by entrusting them to professionals. Our clients often report that the increased revenue more than covers the cost of our services, leading to smoother and more efficient practice operations with our assistance.


Our software is up-to-date with codes

Our proprietary software guarantees the use of current codes and keeps the entire process on the right course. We also offer services such as payer credentialing, compliance reviews, bill collection, annual payback, and more. Schedule a free demo today to discover how we can enhance your revenue while allowing you to refocus on patient care.

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