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General Surgery Billing

Seamless Surgical Billing Services: Your Path to Financial Peace of Mind

WeCare offers top-notch general surgery medical billing services. Our team, featuring general surgery specialists, ensures quick and optimal reimbursements for our clients.

Results-Driven General Surgery Coding and Billing Services

We recognize the dedication of general surgeons to their specialty. Spending significant time and energy on the intricacies of general surgery medical billing and coding shouldn’t be part of their daily workload. Did you know that doctors spend up to 25% of their time on paperwork? That’s why we suggest outsourcing general surgery billing to a professional company like WeCare, allowing you to focus more on patient care—the work you love.

Time Is Money: Outsource Your General Surgery Billing and Boost Your Practice

Providers who opt to outsource surgical practice management to a professional billing company often experience a substantial increase in revenue, typically between 20% to 30%. WeCare, a dedicated general surgery medical billing company, ensures prompt and accurate submissions of denied or new claims, directly benefiting your bottom line. Our skilled billing and coding specialists not only save you time but also boost your financial returns. So, why wait?

Confusion Over E/M Coding

In some cases, a physician’s visit and diagnosis are billed separately from the subsequent surgery, while in others, they are considered a single encounter. Recognizing how to code for each situation can be challenging, and it typically requires experienced medical billers to make the correct coding decisions.


Global Surgery Packages

Global surgery packages streamline medical billing by consolidating various aspects of a surgery and its related care into a single code. Yet, inexperienced billers may struggle with the complexity of these packages and their associated codes. Given that each global surgery package represents a substantial sum, it’s crucial to prevent denials resulting from claim errors to ensure timely reimbursement.


Given the complexity of surgical procedures with numerous components and multiple practitioners involved, it’s not uncommon for certain elements to be omitted from the bill. These revenue losses can accumulate significantly over the course of a year. When a practitioner fails to bill for all services provided, it’s known as under-billing. This not only leads to revenue loss but also constitutes a violation of the law.


WeCare’s Expert Revenue Cycle Management Reduces Stress and Increases Income


We Stay Up to Date With General Surgery Coding and Regulations

Unlike the staff in a busy medical practice, the staff at WeCare solely focus on revenue cycle management (RCM) and do not treat patients. This specialization enables us to stay updated on the latest coding changes and billing requirements from payers. Our billers and coders are certified and experienced in general surgery billing and coding, along with various other specializations.


We Are Here to Support Your Financial Success

Swiftly filing claims and promptly addressing rejections and denials is essential for maximizing your income, and WeCare's services go far beyond that. We oversee your entire revenue cycle management, providing support from start to finish. From payer credentialing to bill collection, we have you covered. We also manage annual payback processes and conduct compliance reviews. Our innovative approach to medical billing and coding includes proprietary software that streamlines the process for your staff and ensures that all coding information remains up-to-date in the system.

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