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Gastroenterology Medical Billing Services

Gastroenterology Billing Services Performed by WeCare

In gastroenterology practices, whether in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center, even seemingly simple procedures involve numerous components. It’s essential to account for all these parts in the billing codes submitted, as any omissions or inconsistencies can lead to claim rejections.

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Physicians Spending More Time On Paperwork

There is a lot of detail involved, contributing to physicians spending more and more time on paperwork and having less time and energy for patient care. The good news is that almost all of the administrative work related to gastroenterology practice billing RCM can be outsourced to professional billing companies like WeCare who do nothing but manage that aspect of the medical field.

Why Do Gastroenterology Billing Services Need Specialists?

Complicated Coding

Gastroenterology procedures are conducted in diverse facilities and involve different teams. Gastroenterology billing codes must accurately reflect the involved personnel, the type of facility used, and the specific procedure performed. Each physician and attending medical professional must be indicated, although in some cases, certain procedures may be bundled and billed together.

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Moderate Sedation Complexities

Coding for sedation in gastroenterology procedures can vary based on factors like the duration of patient sedation and whether a separate anesthesiologist was present. This necessitates coders and billers to be well-versed in the procedures and knowledgeable about the various combinations that can impact the coding requirements.

Follow-Up Exams Require History Details To Get Full Reimbursement

Following a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, future screenings are coded as high risk, and the coding must also account for the patient’s medical history. This calls for experience and specialization in gastroenterology for coders and billers to accurately handle these coding complexities.

WeCare's certified medical billing experts ensure accurate results


It Is Impossible For Medical Staff To Stay On Top

For busy medical staff, keeping up with the ever-changing coding and billing guidelines in gastroenterology can be a daunting task. It's essential to accurately report all the required details in the form of numerical codes to ensure full compensation for services provided to patients. WeCare offers certified and experienced coders and billers in gastroenterology, ensuring that your claims are submitted accurately. In the event of denials and rejections, they are promptly addressed to minimize revenue loss.


Entirety Of (RCM) Can Be Outsourced To WeCare

In addition to billing and coding, you can outsource your complete revenue cycle management (RCM) to a Gastroenterology billing company like WeCare. You have the flexibility to customize the gastroenterology billing services you require, so you only pay for what you need. We excel in the entire RCM process, from securing payer approvals to post-treatment bill collection. Our proprietary software simplifies the billing process and ensures the use of current codes. We're also available to handle one-time or annual tasks, including credentialing, annual payback, and compliance reviews.

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