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Billing specialists processing invoices for durable medical equipment (DME) services in an office setting.

Durable Medical Equipment Billing Services

Durable Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment presents a distinctive challenge when it comes to coding and billing in the realm of healthcare. While virtually every medical discipline encounters it to varying degrees, this domain is characterized by a multitude of “miscellaneous” and infrequently utilized codes, creating a complex landscape for medical professionals to navigate in order to accurately code and bill for services.

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Improving the Efficiency of DME Billing through Medical Billing Outsourcing

“By entrusting medical billing to experts such as WeCare, healthcare facilities can allocate their office staff’s time to patient care, preventing patient dissatisfaction due to billing misunderstandings and unexpected charges for durable medical equipment through accurate and error-free billing processes.”

Why Opt for Outsourced DME Medical Billing?

DME billing is intricate, encompassing dynamic coding requirements and compliance regulations unique to this field. WeCare’s adept billing team simplifies the process, ensuring swift reimbursements. With our proven system and exclusive emphasis on billing and the medical revenue cycle, we assure accuracy and efficiency in meeting your DME billing requirements.

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DME Medical Billing Has Several Unique Challenges

DME billing services have to manage a range of complex requirements in addition to the basic coding that is part of all medical billing. From specialty modifiers to specific payer guidelines, each DME claim has its own set of challenges. WeCare offers the expertise needed to navigate these complexities, ensuring you receive the maximum reimbursement possible.

Rental Requirements

Certain medical equipment must be rented instead of being purchased, and there are cases where equipment can be initially rented and then later purchased after a specific duration. Different payers and insurers often have varying requirements for such transactions, and medical providers are obligated to provide the necessary documentation to comply with these requirements.

Billing specialists processing invoices for durable medical equipment (DME) services in an office setting.

Custom Items

Customized items like specialty wheelchairs and foot orthotics come with specific billing requirements, including the submission of a factory invoice and a comprehensive description. These documents must accompany a paper claim to ensure that all necessary pieces of information are submitted together for accurate billing.

Manufacturer Warranties

In cases where medical equipment requires repair or replacement, and it is still under warranty, the responsibility falls on the manufacturer to handle these issues. Providers can only bill the payer for such services once the warranty has expired. Consequently, healthcare providers must stay vigilant about the warranty status of equipment to ensure correct billing practices.

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WeCare Provides DME Medical billing Services Efficiently


We Have Innovative Approach To Medical Billing

WeCare is a full-service medical billing company with certified billers who specialize in durable medical equipment billing. We use innovative proprietary software to ensure compliance with the latest codes and payer requirements, and we excel in medical revenue cycle management to stay updated on industry changes.


Our Services Are Completely Customizable

Our services are completely customizable, allowing you to assign only medical billing to us and do the rest yourself if you wish, but we highly recommend outsourcing additional tasks to us so that you have more time and energy freed up to devote to patient care. We are experienced at payer credentialing, annual pay back, compliance reviews, etc.—all aspects of RCM from beginning to end.

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