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Billing specialists processing invoices for disability-related medical services in an office setting.

Disability Medical Billing Services

Disability Medical Billing Services

Medical care and equipment provided to those with disabilities require coding that is often different from patients with short-term treatment of similar conditions, which requires medical coders and billers to be alert to the details of what was done and under what circumstances.

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It Can Be Difficult For Inexperienced Coders

Inexperienced coders, especially in a bustling medical office, can struggle to capture all the necessary details. That’s why we advocate outsourcing medical billing and coding to specialists solely dedicated to this aspect of the business. External management of revenue cycle management (RCM) enables physicians and medical staff to concentrate on patient care while highly-trained specialists handle the intricacies of claims.

Specialized Equipment Limitations

Insurers and payers often have varying policies when it comes to durable medical equipment (DME) and other medically necessary devices. Therefore, coders and medical billers must be adept at verifying the payer’s requirements and precise coverage guidelines.

Disability Medical Billing Services
Disability Medical Billing Services

Treatment Of Pre-existing Conditions

Insurers are no longer allowed to reject patients with pre-existing conditions or impose higher rates on them. Medical billing specialists should be knowledgeable about distinct coding for initial and subsequent visits and be skilled in addressing denials related to the treatment of chronic conditions.

Extensive Medicare and Medicaid coverage

Services for individuals with disabilities are continually evolving, necessitating coding adjustments to stay in sync with these advancements. Besides hospital and medical care, services encompass rehabilitative, residential, and long-term care. Rules can diverge, especially when compared to Medicaid coverage for the elderly. This demands that coders and billers pay meticulous attention to precise designations and coding.

Billing specialists processing invoices for patient medical bills in an office setting.

WeCare Provides Expert Revenue Cycle Management


Patient Care Should Be The Top Priority

While patient care remains the primary focus for medical personnel, an efficient revenue cycle management (RCM) is essential for the business's success. This is why partnering with an experienced medical billing company has proven successful for numerous practices and large-scale providers. WeCare's medical billers are not only certified in general medical billing but also possess expertise in various specializations, including disability billing.


Our Services Also Include Payer Credentialing

Our services also include payer credentialing, annual adjustments and payback processes, posting payments, and charting and coding review. Get a free demo today to see how WeCare can relieve you of the stress associated with billing and claims processing, so you can enjoy treating patients, knowing your revenue is taken care of by experts.

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