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Cardiology Medical Billing

Efficient Solutions for Seamless Billing and Revenue Process Management

WeCare’s team of skilled billers offers cardiology medical billing services that simplify the claims procedure and boost your income. Our revenue cycle management (RCM) experts handle everything from insurance confirmation to collecting payments.

High-Value Claims Require Expert Billers

Cardiology, being a high-cost medical domain, risks huge revenue losses due to coding inaccuracies. With frequently changing codes and varying payer rules, it’s crucial to partner with knowledgeable cardiology billing firms familiar with these nuances.

In case of claim rejections or denials, specialized billing companies, unlike inexperienced staff, can efficiently handle appeals, preventing prolonged unresolved claims and revenue loss.

WeCare employs a unique claims management system honed over a decade. Claims are pre-checked for errors by senior billers, ensuring fewer unpaid ones. A dedicated manager oversees each account, ensuring every claim’s resolution. If any claim is denied, we identify and fix the issue, then resubmit without extra charges, irrespective of the claim’s value or effort involved.

Healthcare administrator managing denial management processes in an office setting.

Potential Errors Start with Scheduling

The medical billing journey begins during scheduling, with insurance verification being crucial. Even minor aspects, like the specific setting of an appointment – be it in-patient, out-patient, or emergency/urgent care – need accurate coding to avoid claim denials. WeCare’s team ensures these details are meticulously handled.

Complicated Procedures Lead to Complex Coding

Modifiers play a crucial role in cardiology billing and coding, offering additional numerical details essential for complete service reimbursement.

While novice billers might identify the primary procedure code, they often miss the depth of required modifiers and necessary numerical data.

With the shift towards bundled codes, it’s imperative for coders to detect deviations from standard bundles, ensuring accurate itemization to prevent over- or under-coding. WeCare’s team is adept at managing these nuances. Contact us to learn how we can streamline your medical billing process!

Cardiology Medical Billing Services

High-Dollar Claim Rejections Mean Huge Revenue Losses

In family medicine, the sheer volume of daily patients translates to numerous low-value claims. Contrastingly, cardiologists, due to their detailed and extended consultations, see fewer patients daily. An unpaid claim in cardiology might equate to a 10% daily revenue loss, given that a cardiologist might only see 10-15 patients. Our specialized cardiology billing services minimize these denials and maximize payments. Every claim is monitored to ensure none are overlooked or unattended, a common oversight with novice billers or without a robust claims management system.

Outsourcing Cardiology Billing to WeCare Increases Revenue

The increasing complexity of cardiology billing, coupled with payers consistently trying to reduce reimbursements, underscores the need for a proficient billing and RCM system. By outsourcing to WeCare, medical practitioners can prioritize patient care, knowing that seasoned, certified experts manage their RCM comprehensively.

From scheduling to, if required, debt collection, WeCare’s Cardiology Billing Services encompass all billing facets. Our accredited coders, skilled in over 40 specialties, are well-versed in cardiology.

Laboratory Medical Billing Services

Our Innovative Software Makes Coding and Billing Efficient

Drawing from over ten years of billing expertise, WeCare's proprietary software seamlessly integrates with (or replaces) your current system, ensuring minimal downtime and a smooth transition without missing claims. We excel at amplifying client revenue and curtailing billing errors. Contact us or request a free demo to see how we can optimize your operations and boost your profits.


Medical Billing and RCM Is Our Whole Business

Specializing solely in medical billing and RCM, we remain current with codes and regulations. We also track government incentives and the latest billing guidelines, ensuring optimal revenue. Our cardiology billing services encompass daily billing, prompt handling of denials and rejections, and management of charting, coding compliance, annual payer adjustments, and necessary paybacks.

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