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Physicians invest years honing the expertise needed to establish a successful practice

Despite their expertise, physicians often find it tough to navigate the evolving realm of revenue cycle management. WeCare offers comprehensive physician billing, including aging accounts receivable recovery, and a customized suite of medical revenue cycle services to suit your needs.

Liberating doctors to prioritize care

WeCare manages the entire revenue cycle management (RCM) process, allowing doctors to focus on patient care with minimal administrative distractions.


Started On

April 1st 2018

Healthcare administrator managing prior and retro authorization processes in an office setting.

Review Period

2 Months


Collection Increased

$0.8M to $1.2M

increase revenue

Revenue Increased by


Outsourcing Physicians’ Medical Billing to WeCare

Increase Revenue:

As a primary care billing company, we efficiently enhance revenue with our expertise. Our system ensures seamless transitions, rapid claim submission, and payment management.

Sense of Financial Security:

WeCare offers secure, transparent physician billing with real-time access to financials and claim statuses.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our primary goal is excellent customer service. We offer streamlined medical billing solutions, enabling doctors to prioritize patient care.

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Optimizing claims, preventing rejections, and maximizing revenue for you


Full Suite of RCM Services

With our innovative physician’s revenue cycle management system, WeCare strengthens all aspects of RCM, including patient scheduling, payer credentialing, insurance verification, charting and coding review, claims management and much more. We strive to nurture the financial health of your organization and relieve the administrative burden of dealing with insurance carriers. We provide medical billing services for all specialties in an all-in-one solution to streamline your billing process and obtain maximum revenue for your practice.


Denial and Rejection Management

Doctors often miss out on substantial revenue due to billing errors leading to claim rejections or denials. Our premium physician billing services ensure no claim, and consequently, no revenue, is overlooked. Our regular analytical reports pinpoint and help rectify frequent obstacles in the claims resolution and pre-authorization processes.


Old A/R Collections

Many new clients come to us with substantial revenue trapped in aging AR accounts. Our claim management system offers a structured approach to organize and maximize recovery from these accounts. Often, the solution is straightforward: clarifying the due amounts and communicating effectively with the right party, be it a payer or the patient. As a physician billing company, we refine the billing process, leading to decreased costs and optimal revenue collection.


HIPAA Compliant and Secure Data Management

We prioritize patient data security, employing bank-grade digital security measures. With us handling your billing, HIPAA compliance is assured. Our physician billing system is tailored for the medical industry's security and confidentiality demands. WeCare, a trusted HIPAA-compliant physician medical billing company, has been offering comprehensive revenue cycle management services since 2012.

Healthcare administrator managing denial management processes in an office setting.

Missed Encounter Management and Tracking

Lost appointments translate to wasted time and revenue. Our system identifies these issues and aids in finding solutions. WeCare's advanced physician billing and management tools enable seamless patient engagement and efficient tracking of encounters from start to finish. With our transparent approach, you can establish fee schedules, oversee claims, manage encounters and copays, and pinpoint visits with omitted charges.


Charting & Coding Review as per regulatory authorities

Regular reviews are essential to ensure adherence to internal policies, maintain quality standards, and confirm compliance with regulatory agencies and government payers. Our physician billing management team excels in identifying system inefficiencies and aligning your practice with your vision. By submitting accurate claim forms with the right CPT codes, we guarantee a steady cash flow and sustainable success for your practice.

Additional Services Include

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