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Imaging Center Billing

WeCare offers a wide array of services tailored to your imaging center's specific requirements.

Precise imaging billing & coding, consistent daily claims processing, and relentless follow-up on denials are essential. WeCare’s certified radiology billing specialists are well-versed in the specific needs of mobile imaging, radiology, and standalone imaging billing and coding.


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April 1st 2018

Healthcare administrator managing prior and retro authorization processes in an office setting.

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8 Months


Collection Increased

$0.8M to $1.2M

increase revenue

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Expert Billing for Modern Radiology Services

Radiology is ever-evolving. WeCare’s certified coders ensure precise coding and claim submission for optimal reimbursements. We aid labs in enhancing cash flow, streamlining claim processes, and boosting profitability.

Team of doctors and nurses collaborating in a hospital setting.

New Technologies Mean Complicated Coding

Radiology and diagnostic imaging centers face complex coding challenges due to evolving technologies and treatments. Many experience claim denials from incorrect modifiers paired with CPT codes. With WeCare’s expertise, you can trust that both technical and professional components are compensated. Unique aspects like free-standing imaging centers, mobile imaging, and standalone radiology equipment introduce additional coding intricacies. Leading billing companies like ours manage these details to streamline your RCM process.

We Handle Revenue; You Focus on Care.

While you prioritize patient care, we handle the intricacies of billing regulations and coding. Our specialized radiology billing experts excel in proving medical necessity, assigning apt diagnosis codes, even for rule-out diagnoses. This ensures swift reimbursements for you.


Comprehensive Billing Service

WeCare provides all-encompassing radiology billing services to enhance your revenue and profitability. Unlike other radiology billing firms, our dedicated billers and coders ensure you're fully compensated for your efforts.


Free Your Attention

When concerns about your bottom line distract from patient care, it's an issue. If you're diagnosing finances more than patients, it might be time to reassess your radiology billing approach.

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