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AR Recovery Services

WeCare’s AR Recovery Services Maximize Revenue

Our system effectively boosts recovery rates, even for accounts previously deemed unrecoverable. WeCare uniquely provides standalone AR medical billing recovery services, whereas most companies bundle it within a revenue cycle management package.

2021 Case Study Results


Started On

April 1st 2018

Healthcare administrator managing prior and retro authorization processes in an office setting.

Review Period

8 Months


Collection Increased

$0.8M to $1.2M

increase revenue

Revenue Increased by


WeCare's Four-Step Approach to AR Recovery.

Our strategy for managing aging AR accounts has been developed through years of experience. Our old AR recovery service is a streamlined approach that is both fast and effective.

Systematic Evaluation

Upon onboarding a new client, our AR team conducts a comprehensive review of all unresolved claims. While some may be expired or uncollectable, we identify and pursue all recoverable ones. Unlike many billing companies that target only high-value claims, we recognize the cumulative impact of smaller claims and strive to recover every possible penny.

AR Recovery Medical Billing Services systemetic evaluation


Prioritizing older unpaid claims, our team acts swiftly to prevent any expiration. Leveraging advanced tools, we streamline receivables and stay attuned to payer requirements to maximize your revenue. We diligently follow up with payers for overdue payments, allowing you to concentrate on your practice while we safeguard your profits.

Claim Correction and Resubmission

Our committed team ensures no claim is rejected, denied, or underpaid because of inadequate follow-up. After making necessary corrections, we appeal to insurers or government payers for payment reconsideration. We also track denials and rejections, pinpointing recurring issues and permanently resolving them in your revenue cycle management system.

AR Recovery Services
patient communication

Patient Communication

When our AR team determines a balance is patient-responsible, we send them a comprehensible report. If you prefer, we can directly interact with your patients. We’re not a collection agency, ensuring your patients’ comfort and trust. Clarity often leads to prompt payment; thus, we elucidate charges for patients. If desired, we’ll also handle their queries over the phone.

AR Recovery Is One of Our Specialties

Our dedicated AR recovery team excels at securing reimbursements, even for claims deemed “uncollectible” by others. While it’s industry knowledge that older bills are less likely to be paid, we use this as motivation to promptly address every unpaid claim.


All Claims Pursued

Many billing companies avoid small claims recovery and those that have a lower likelihood of being paid, but not WeCare. Our system’s efficiency allows us to reduce medical account receivables by getting reimbursement for every claim.

Healthcare administrator managing denial management processes in an office setting.

Prioritization For Maximum Recovery

We prioritize claims to prevent unwarranted expirations, adopting the most effective medical recovery strategies to maximize reimbursements.


Dedicated AR Recovery Team

Upon contracting for AR recovery, we deploy a dedicated team of seasoned medical billers to meticulously examine each claim in your AR records.


Pay Only For Successful Reimbursement

While sifting through your unpaid claims is labor-intensive for us, you face no financial risk with aged AR. We charge solely a minor percentage of the recovered amount. If we can't recover a claim, you owe us nothing, ensuring zero risk on your part.


Collection Ratios Over 90%

With deep expertise, our AR recovery team consistently retrieves over 90% of claims up to a year old. Such revenue recovery can significantly bolster the financial health of any medical establishment.


Appeal Rejections and Denials

The majority of claim rejections and denials stem from easily rectifiable errors or oversights, addressed adeptly by our medical recovery services. Even intricate issues are pinpointed and resolved with notable success.

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