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Ambulatory Surgery Billing

ASCs encounter hospital-like billing complexities but with a smaller team to manage them.

Outsourcing billing to WeCare eases the strain of navigating complex coding rules while managing a thriving surgery center.


Aggressive Management of Medical Billing Challenges for ASCs


Out-of-Network Reimbursement Rate Negotiation

While reimbursements from insurers and government payers are fixed, improving ASC revenue lies in negotiating out-of-network rates. Payers have skilled negotiators; so does WeCare. Our expert team ensures our ASC billing services secure the best possible reimbursements.


Patient Scheduling

The medical revenue cycle starts with patient scheduling. Optimal payment outcomes hinge on this phase's accuracy. Our expert ASC billing team ensures that the intake and scheduling process captures and documents all essential information correctly.

Healthcare administrator managing denial management processes in an office setting.

Benefits Verification

While ASC practitioners might perform procedures similar to hospitals, ASC billing has specific reimbursement constraints. Unapproved procedures won't be compensated, emphasizing the importance of benefits verification. WeCare's experts ensure all proposed actions align with patient benefits, guaranteeing that provided services are billable.


Unique Coding Requirements

All medical facilities use billing codes set by CMS, but surgical procedures often demand specific modifiers. Omissions or errors with these modifiers can lead to claim denial. WeCare's protocol involves expert billers meticulously "scrubbing" each claim to guarantee coding accuracy before submission.


Dedication to Revenue Cycle Management

In the past decade, WeCare has honed its proficiency in ambulatory surgery billing and coding, branching into all facets of medical RCM. Our consistent growth and success stem from standardized procedures, adhered to by our skilled staff, ensuring uniform top-notch ambulatory services. We submit codes in line with CMS guidelines, aiming for your optimal revenue.


Innovative, Scalable Approach

WeCare goes beyond mere claim processing. Our holistic approach to ASC billing encompasses the entire medical RCM, from pre-appointment to collections. Continuous training is key to our success, ensuring our coders and billers remain current. With a vast, well-trained team, we've cultivated specialists adept in coding for ambulatory surgery centers and various other medical specialties.

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