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Written by   Updated June 25, 2024

WeCare Medical Billing is a client-focused firm with over 11 years of experience in offering top-notch Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. With a dedicated and world-class team of professionals at the helm, WeCare offers a full range of healthcare services.

Our end-to-end medical billing services will help you get the most compensation for the least amount of money. Don’t just monitor your account and submit simple claims; actively manage it from top to bottom to enhance your practice’s financial success.

Our Medical Billing Services Include:

  1. Fee schedule review and analysis
  2. Eligibility verification
  3. Referrals, authorization alert, claim tracking, reduced rejection and denials
  4. Patient statement processing, mailing customized monthly financial reports
  5. Rules based claim review, scrubbing, insurance follow-up
  6. Helping with collection agency to recover patient balances and always remain HIPAA compliant

Fee schedule review and analysis

The following are some of the ways in which we can help you with fee schedule evaluations:

  • Develop fees for new procedures

Using Relative Value Studies, WeCare can help physicians objectively create and adjust fee schedules for new procedures.

  • Coding Assistance

WeCare Medical Billing has medical coding specialists who are accessible on an \”as-needed\” basis. We will teach you and your staff to code accurately. As part of our ongoing service, our consultants are available to answer difficult coding questions and advise on the correct codes for primary diagnoses. WeCare will review documentation to ensure accuracy and to determine that appropriate levels of care are reported. Possibly nothing done in your business office is as important as coding accurately.

Eligibility verification

Insurance eligibility verification process can be accomplished via a call to the Insurance Company (payer), via websites (payer or EDI) or through online software currently integrated in many medical billing systems.

The process of obtaining the insurance eligibility verification of a patient is necessary to insure that the patient has coverage, services that are being provided are covered, denials and appeals can be minimized and payments are expedited at the appropriate rates. Denied claims due to no active coverage, out of network, unauthorized patient procedures or visits can be a major loss in revenue and should not be taken lightly.

Through accurate Insurance Eligibility Insurance Verification, revenue cycle management can be improved by reducing the number of rejected medical claims and improving the cash flow to the Facility or Providers.

Referrals, authorization alert, claim tracking, reduced rejection and denials

If your practice gets bogged down with medical billing and coding issues, you must consider WeCare Medical Billing and our medical practice consultants especially on Medical Claims Processing.

As a physician, you know the difficulty in managing your patients and medical billing simultaneously. Medical claims Processing is as complex as healthcare these days. This will provide you more revenue, time for patient care and professional growth.

WeCare Medical Billing offers a full-suite of healthcare denial management services that include:

  • AR follow ups
  • Claims status checks
  • Resolution of denied claims
  • Preparing an appeal letters etc.

All done with one goal in mind which is to collect all dollars due you for medical billing services rendered.

Rules based claim review, scrubbing, insurance follow-up

Our top-of-the-line claim scrubbing guarantees that claims are filed error-free and clean, resulting in speedier reimbursement and fewer denials/rejections.

Today, many physicians find their medical practice or facilities generating expected or growing monthly charges but are not realizing the same growth in their reoccurring cash flow.

WeCare Medical Billing perform their Insurance Follow-up process in three phases:

  • Initial evaluation Follow-up
  • Analysis and prioritizing Follow-up
  • Collecting the maximum of medical Follow-up

Helping with collection agency to recover patient balances and always remain HIPAA compliant

WeCare Medical Billing covered following to ensure HIPAA Compliance:

  • Ensure the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of the health information that is protected electronically.
  • Find and protect against probable intimidation to the information security.
  • Certify workforce compliance.
  • Safeguard against possible impermissible disclosures or uses.
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