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Top 10 medical billing companies in Phoenix

Written by   Updated July 5, 2024

Phoenix is a city of organizations. Competitors in the medical billing industry often help healthcare providers get paid correctly and quickly. Below is a list of the Top 10 medical billing companies in Phoenix. They are excellent solutions for small clinics and large hospitals.

Key Takeaways

  • Customized Services: Top Phoenix billing companies like WeCare Billing LLC and PRG offer tailored solutions, including credentialing, billing audits, and financial consulting, ensuring accurate and efficient processes.
  • Advanced Technology: Firms like Simplex Technology use cutting-edge tech and certified experts for precise claim submissions and regulatory compliance, optimizing billing and boosting profitability.
  • Client Relationships: Companies like Tyvan Medical Billing focus on strong, long-term client partnerships and transparent fee structures, providing consistent and reliable support.
  • Specialized Solutions: Medical AR and Medical Billing & Consulting 911 offer specialized services like denial management and patient collections, helping healthcare providers maximize reimbursements and reduce administrative burdens.
Company NameKey ServicesWhy Choose Them
WeCare Billing LLCCredentialing, Billing audits, Hospital billingExcellent customer service, expertise in various healthcare specialities, streamlined billing processes
Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. (PRG)Medical billing, Timely reimbursements, Accurate codingTimely reimbursements, high first-pass resolution rates, advanced technology
Dominion Revenue Solution (DRS)Revenue cycle management, Medical billing, Coding, CredentialingFull range of services, financial consulting, accuracy, and efficiency
Tyvan Medical BillingPersonalized medical billing, Transparent fee structurePersonalized approach, commitment to transparency, long-term partnerships
Simplex TechnologyAdvanced technology, Certified coders, Accurate claim submissionsLatest technology, flexible billing solutions, certified professionals
RoundTable Medical ConsultantsCustomer-focused service, Comprehensive RCM solutionsFocus on maximizing reimbursements, reducing administrative tasks, and comprehensive service range
Medical Billing & Consulting 911Medical billing, Coding, Claim submission, Denial managementA data-driven approach, regulatory compliance, improves efficiency and profitability
Progressus RevenueData-driven medical billing, Process optimizationData-driven approach, regulatory compliance, improves efficiency and profitability
Aramat Billing ServicesCustomized billing solutions, Personalized supportFocus on small and medium-sized practices, strong client relationships, tailored solutions
Medical ARAccounts receivable management, Denial managementSpecializes in accounts receivable, comprehensive services, effective payment collection

WeCare Billing LLC

WeCare Billing LLC makes medical billing easier for healthcare providers in Phoenix. They offer many services and customized solutions. Experts in credentialing, billing audits, and hospital billing, they ensure everything is correct and follows the rules. Using the latest technology, they improve billing accuracy and efficiency. They help increase the rate of clean claims to over 94%, which reduces the time and effort needed to manage billing cycles. Their client-focused approach builds long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency.


  • Credentialing
  • Billing audits
  • Hospital billing
  • Customized billing solutions

Why Choose WeCare Billing LLC: WeCare Billing LLC handles medical billing and focuses on each client’s specific needs. They have a lot of experience and make sure everything is accurate. This is why healthcare providers in Phoenix trust them.

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. (PRG)

Physicians Revenue Group, Inc. (PRG) provides complete medical billing services. They focus on getting payments quickly and resolving claims on the first try. Their team of experienced professionals uses the latest technology for accurate coding and fast claim processing.


  • Medical billing
  • Timely reimbursements
  • Accurate coding
  • Efficient claim processing

Why Choose PRG: PRG’s emphasis on timely reimbursements and high first-pass resolution rates ensures that healthcare providers can maximize their revenue with minimal delays. Their use of advanced technology and experienced teams further enhances their service quality.

Dominion Revenue Solution (DRS)

Dominion Revenue Solution (DRS) focuses on managing revenue cycles. They provide medical billing, coding, credentialing, and financial consulting services. DRS values accuracy and efficiency while helping clients maximize their revenue.


  • Revenue cycle management
  • Medical billing
  • Coding
  • Credentialing
  • Financial consulting

Why Choose DRS: For providers who want to maximize their revenue, DRS offers a full range of services that work quickly and accurately. Their experience in financial consulting also helps clients make more money.

Tyvan Medical Billing

Tyvan Medical Billing takes a personalized approach to medical billing. They meet the specific needs of each practice, have a clear fee structure, and focus on building long-term partnerships with their clients.


  • Personalized medical billing
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Long-term partnerships

Why Choose Tyvan Medical Billing: Tyvan Medical Billing’s personalized approach and commitment to transparency set them apart from other billing companies. Their focus on building long-term relationships ensures clients receive consistent and reliable support.

Simplex Technology

Simplex Technology uses advanced technology and a team of certified coders to ensure accurate and timely claim submissions. They offer flexible billing solutions tailored to specific practice requirements.


  • Advanced technology
  • Certified coders
  • Accurate claim submissions
  • Flexible billing solutions

Why Choose Simplex Technology: Simplex Technology uses the latest technology and certified professionals to provide accurate and timely billing services for healthcare providers. Their flexible solutions meet the unique needs of different practices.

RoundTable Medical Consultants

RoundTable Medical Consultants focus on customer service and provide complete RCM solutions. They make billing processes easier and improve cash flow. They have expertise in various healthcare specialties.


  • Customer-focused service
  • Comprehensive RCM solutions
  • Streamlined billing processes
  • Expertise in healthcare specialties

Why Choose RoundTable Medical Consultants: RoundTable Medical Consultants’ dedication to customer service and comprehensive RCM solutions make them a valuable partner for healthcare providers. Their expertise in various specialties ensures tailored support for different medical practices.

Medical Billing & Consulting 911

Medical Billing & Consulting 911 offers a complete range of medical billing services. These include coding, claim submission, denial management, and patient collections. Their team works to maximize reimbursements and reduce administrative work.


  • Medical billing
  • Coding
  • Claim submission
  • Denial management
  • Patient collections

Why Choose Medical Billing & Consulting 911: Medical Billing & Consulting 911 offers many services and focuses on maximizing reimbursements and reducing administrative tasks. This makes them a reliable choice for healthcare providers.

Progressus Revenue

Progressus Revenue uses a data-driven approach to medical billing. They improve efficiency and profitability by optimizing processes. Their team keeps up with the latest regulations and ensures compliance.


  • Data-driven medical billing
  • Process optimization
  • Efficiency and profitability
  • Regulatory compliance

Why Choose Progressus Revenue: Progressus Revenue uses a data-driven approach and follows regulations to help healthcare providers improve their billing processes and profitability. They stay updated with the latest rules to ensure accurate and compliant billing practices.

Aramat Billing Services

Aramat Billing Services offers customized medical billing solutions for small and medium-sized medical practices. They focus on building strong relationships with their clients and providing personalized support.


  • Customized billing solutions
  • Small and medium-sized practice focus
  • Strong client relationships
  • Personalized support

Why Choose Aramat Billing Services: Aramat Billing Services’ dedication to small and medium-sized practices and focus on personalized support make it an excellent choice for these healthcare providers. Their customized solutions ensure that each client’s unique needs are met.

Medical AR

Medical AR specializes in accounts receivable management for healthcare providers. They offer various services, including denial management, patient collections, and follow-up on outstanding balances.


  • Accounts receivable management
  • Denial management
  • Patient collections
  • Follow-up on outstanding balances

Why Choose Medical AR: Medical AR specializes in managing accounts receivable and offers comprehensive services. It’s a great partner for healthcare providers who want to manage their finances better and collect payments effectively.

Trusted Billing Solutions

At WeCare Billing LLC, we aim to do far more than simply medical billing. We assist your healthcare practice in running more smoothly and profitably. Founded in 2012, our team brings collectively over a decade of expertise in healthcare IT and billing. Our specialists deliver premier billing services to ensure you receive the maximum reimbursement.

At WeCare Billing LLC, we leverage our profound industry understanding and cutting-edge technology to satisfy your practice’s various needs. We aim to improve your initial clean claim acceptance rate to an astonishing 94% or higher while managing intricate billing cycles. We work diligently to make your processes more efficient so that you can focus fully on patient care.

For additional information regarding our services and how we can help transform your practice’s financial health, please explore our website at WeCare Billing LLC.


Choosing the right medical billing companies in Phoenix is paramount for maintaining healthcare practices’ financial health. The companies listed above represent the key features and offers top medical billing companies in Phoenix. WeCare Billing LLC has turned out to be an outstanding company offering a patient-oriented approach and innovative technology, which allows us to attain high rates of accuracy and advanced solutions to address the needs of different customers. Moreover, the vendor is oriented towards the long-term perspective of customer relationships, which gives ample ground to see that this company is reliable and excellent.

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